Residential Heating & Cooling

Choosing the right system for your home:

At Northside we can supply and install just the right system that will suit your household needs for many years … some of the questions you need to consider are:

1. Cooling only, or cooling & heating (reverse cycle)?

This will help you discount a lot of options. ‘Cooling only’ is cheaper, but only slightly. So, even if you have another form of heating, it’s worth considering a ‘reverse cycle’ unit as a back-up.

2. How big is the area or areas that need to be cooled &/or heated?

The size of the room will indicate the capacity of the unit you need.

3. Is your home insulated?

Another key consideration. A room with no insulation will require more capacity to air condition than a room with properly installed insulation.

4. What aspects are the windows in the room/s to be heated or cooled?

This will affect the natural temperature of the room, and has a big influence on the type of air-conditioning required.

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